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This is a checklist of the items that must be covered to enable a site to be considered Build-Ready.

Build-Ready Checklist  

  • Site Plat
  • Master Site Plan/Development Plan
  • Building Pad Certification by Licensed Engineer
  • Aerial Site Imagery
  • Utility Line Extension Permit & Cost Estimates
  • Road Access/Extension Plan (if necessary)
  • Environmental Studies
    • Phase 1
    • Geotechnical
    • Archeological and Historical Site Assessment
      - Not required if site is already zoned and prepared for industrial use
      - Strongly encouraged if site has not previously been zoned & prepared for industrial use, or if the site is suspected to contain historical significance or artifact(s).
  • Preliminary Building Design
  • Building Construction Plan
  • Cost & Schedule Projections for building
  • Project Funding Plan
  • Building Rendering
  • Stream & Wetland Mitigation Plan (if necessary)
  • Storm Water Construction Permit
  • Sale Price Set for Build-Ready Tract
  • Verification Pad Construction is Completed
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