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Living in Kentucky

Average Commute:

22.8 Minutes

Home Owners:

68% of Kentuckians own their home

Median Home Value:

$120,400 median home value

Derived from the Wyandot Indian word, Kah-ten-tah-the, meaning “land of tomorrow,” Kentucky has a rich heritage of industrious men and women who work hard to make the Commonwealth great. But it isn’t just the business opportunities that make Kentucky great. It’s also a wonderful place to live.

Family and Recreation

Kentucky is a great place to raise a family! The Commonwealth provides excellent education options for your children from pre-school through college. Whether you choose private, public or home-schooling, our education system is here to support you every step of the way. Kentucky has over 173 school districts and public libraries to help your child succeed.

Beyond the classroom, Kentucky has great educational and recreational opportunities for your family. Enjoy a weekend getaway at one of our 49 state parks or discover the culture of Kentucky through local and statewide festivals and events and historic destinations.

The Kentucky Department of Travel & Tourism has a comprehensive listing of Kentucky's recreational opportunities. Use the link below to learn more.

Travel & Tourism


Kentucky’s central location allows you to enjoy all four seasons. Not too hot, and not too cold, Kentucky’s climate is ideal for getting outdoors.

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2016 31.7 39.0 51.8 57.4 63.0 75.0 78.1 78.2 72.4 62.8 50.0 37.1
2015 32.3 26.4 44.6 57.5 67.3 74.2 76.5 72.9 70.3 57.9 50.8 48.7
2014 26.9 33.3 41.6 57.5 66.2 74.2 72.7 75.1 68.3 57.7 39.8 39.7
2013 36.7 36.8 39.4 55.2 64.9 72.9 74 73.7 69.1 57.6 42.8 37.4

Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Cost of Living

The Cost of Living Index estimates the relative price levels for consumer goods and services. When applied to wages and salaries, the result is a measure of relative purchasing power. The cost of living is 11.4% lower in Kentucky than the U.S. average.

  Annual Average Salary Cost of Living Index (Base US) US Purchasing Power
Kentucky $43,794 86.9 $50,413
USA $53,246 100.0 $53,246

Source: JobsEQ
Data as of 2017 Q1
The Cost of Living per C2ER, data as of 2017q1, imputed by Chmura where necessary.

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