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Kristina Slattery
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Government Resources Accelerating Needed Transformation (GRANT) Program of 2024

Due to the very short time between the program being implemented and passage of the enabling legislation, the CED staff recognizes that some areas of the program would need to evolve. That includes the need to clarify and address certain policy issues and process matters to make the program as effective as possible while still meeting the parameters set by the legislature.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as the program will continually be adjusted during these initial stages to better serve our process partners. Please continue working with your Area Development District or emailing the mailbox for specific questions not addressed in the FAQs.

Introductory Webinar

An introductory webinar providing information on the GRANT Program of 2024 was held on Wednesday, May 15th.

Second Webinar

A second session was held on Wednesday, May 22.


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