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Kristina Slattery
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Vítejte. Welkom. Bienvenue. Herzlich willkommen. Fáilte. Benvenuto. Yôkoso. Bienvenido.
How do you say welcome in 100 languages at once? Kentucky.

Kentucky’s strong international ties – in both internationally owned facilities and exports – speaks to the fact executives the world over recognize the Bluegrass State as a premier location and partner for business.

Foreign Direct Investment in Kentucky includes nearly 500 facilities that employ almost 110,000 people. Kentucky’s low business costs, robust shipping and logistics options, a dedicated workforce and a network of state and local economic development experts and resources make it the clear choice for foreign direct investment. Kentucky’s international offices and available assistance are valuable assets for international companies looking to expand in the United States.

In addition, Kentucky products and services are valued by international customers. Exports by Kentucky businesses continue to break records, topping $33 billion in 2019 as the Cabinet for Economic Development continued working with the state’s businesses to increase international sales opportunities. The state’s Kentucky Export Initiative provides education, hands-on assistance, resources, matchmaking opportunities and grants to companies that wish to sell their products and services abroad.


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