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Jeff Taylor
Jeff Taylor
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Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development

Primary Metals

Including fabricated metal manufacturing

Kentucky offers a wealth of primary metal-related facilities, primarily aluminum and steel. Those facilities provide materials and fabrication services for hundreds of products around the globe. Listed below is additional information about the aluminum and steel presence in Kentucky.


As manufacturers implement such innovations as lightweighting, digital manufacturing techniques and fuel efficiency breakthroughs, Kentucky offers the resources to implement and to create the innovative practices of the future. Here are just a few of the examples that make Kentucky the place to put innovation into practice.

Aluminum-Related Facilities

There are more than 185 aluminum-related facilities in the commonwealth

Aluminum Employees

The aluminum industry employs over 20,000 Kentuckians full time

Aluminum Boom

Since 2014, Aluminum companies have announced 147 new or expansion projects totaling $3.3 billion in investment and the announcement of over 4,100 jobs

Tighter fuel efficiency requirements are causing auto manufactures to expand their use of lightweight aluminum. That’s good news for Kentucky. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the state has the greatest capacity to produce aluminum in the nation.

Steel & Iron

Steel and iron have long been staples of manufacturing and both will continue to be. Kentucky steel companies are working to make products that are lighter and stronger, while the state’s iron companies continue to engage new technologies to create a better product for manufacturers in Kentucky and beyond.

Steel & Iron Production

Currently, 43 steel and iron production companies operate in Kentucky

Steel & Iron Employment

Steel and iron companies employ nearly 6,400 full-time workers in Kentucky

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