Helpful Links Page

A. Government

  • Kentucky One Stop Business Portal An easy-to-use environment where Kentucky's businesses can find the requirements and tools they need to own and operate a business in Kentucky.
  • Kentucky State Data Center A cooperative effort between the University of Louisville, Commonwealth of Kentucky and U.S. Census Bureau's State Data Center. Provides training and technical assistance in accessing and using Census data.
  • Kentucky State Government A listing of Kentucky state government agencies.
  • Kentucky’s web portal driven by a geographically dynamic search engine. The portal offers snapshots of the Commonwealth’s data, resources and human capital in a convenient, self-service format.
  • BusinessUSA.Gov Federal - a centralized, one-stop platform to make it easier for businesses to access services to help them grow and hire.
  • U.S. Government A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies.

B. Associations

C. Technology & Innovation

D. Small Business Assistance

E. Quality of Life