March 11, 2020

Kentucky Small Business Tax Credit Rewards Companies for Growing

One of the Cabinet’s most important objectives is powering Kentucky’s 340,000 small businesses and the 700,000 people they employ throughout the state. One of CED’s most notable programs, The Kentucky Small Business Tax Credit (KSBTC), rewards companies every year just for doing what successful businesses do – grow!  

Eligible Kentucky businesses could earn tax credits of between $3,500 and $25,000 per year if they have:

Through KSBTC, small businesses have spurred the ongoing creation of more than 2,600 new jobs and about $26 million of investment. These companies earned roughly $9 million in total tax credits, with an average of over $14,000 awarded per company

Two CED project managers recently took part in sessions to help employers capitalize on KSBTC:

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